S u p e r V a l u   R e d u x

— a photographic evocation of the edifice —

June 10 - July 14, 2006

"SuperValu Redux continues where Frank's missing reproductive appendage left off." — David Kilmartin

There are many fish in the sea. Certain members of Penticton's municipal hierarchy and a local select few armchair wannabee art 'sophistos', (dentists, floral enthusiasts, ersatz curators, fire hydrant installers, retired foglydites and the well-meaning ubiquitous 'TV designer makeover show' absorbo-trons) would have the public believe that the best thing for the future of Penticton's controversial 'roundabout' is to go bronze, cute, floral and permanent.

Not long ago the roundabout gained international notoriety due to Mike Hermesh's masterful 'Frank the Baggage Handler' and his missing reproductive appendage - which I believe may have either ended up on a mantle piece next to pics of the Holy Trinity, nieces and nephews or perhaps at the Mayo Clinic for Stem cell DNA research. Please remember there are a pesky group of ninja-like art thieves in the Okanagan who have proven to be all too willing to abscond with an appendage for personal reasons or profit.

Many reactionary curatorial imperialists would very much like to see a 'Beautiful' permanent art piece installed of, let's say a large tuna fish, salmon or flounder or perhaps a cute composite childfish or an Elvis/ironman Lake Grouper. Recently it has been suggested that a full-sized bronze of a Naked Mayor on Horesback grace the circular focal point and represent the arts in the South Okanagan. It's all Disneyworld meets David Lynch and I must admit, not half bad.

As Vice Chair of the Public Art Advisory Committee it is my job to make sure that the aforementioned scenario does not come to pass, although I do like the idea of an Elvis 'Lynchian' Sardine.

Penticton and the South Okanagan has learned a valuable lesson due in large part to the controversy and the dialogue that ensued due to the effect that Frank brought to the region. Frank's neutering was the best thing to happen to the arts in a century in this region.

An example of the stretching of the parameters of art and a conceptual expansion in this region will be on display at Leir House Cultural Centre from June 10 to July 1. Drew Makepeace has created 'SuperValu Redux' a requisite obsessive-compulsive endeavor into what defines all great art.

During the deconstruction of this landmark structure in Penticton Mr. Makepeace documented its fall by digitally photographing every element of its demise ending up with thousands of shots and actual segments of this structure.

As Drew Makepeace states "the SuperValu Redux exhibit comprises two parallel and complementary artistic tracks: photographic and installation."

Leir House Cultural Centre will be transformed into an environmental shell housing these photographs - some are biblical in size and scope - and segments of the actual structure that include the minutiae of cotter pins to giant support beams.

This exhibition is an exciting example of where true art can hit a wide scope and inhabit diverse elements simultaneously, those being Pop Art, conceptual, historic, design and architectural.

SuperValu Redux is a heroic example of art without restrictions. For further information on this exhibition contact Drew Makepeace at and David Kilmartin at . Or visit www.SuperValuRedux.ca.

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