S u p e r V a l u   R e d u x

— a photographic evocation of the edifice —

You shopped at SuperValu a hundred times, but how often did you stop to admire the artistic form of this now-demolished architectural icon? Bright colours from the translucent façade played upon you in the check-out line, and the beams arching overhead followed you and your cart to the parking lot where they swept downward and gently met the earth.

This mid-Century modern classic that stood on Martin St. from 1964 until 2006 is gone, but it can still be admired in SuperValu Redux - a photographic evocation of the edifice - by Drew Makepeace.

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including the outdoor installation
The SuperValu beams have been ressurected! After languishing in outdoor storage for several years, the huge curving laminated wood beams were used to construct a beautiful house east of Penticton. Designer and builder Geoff Orr kindly gave me a tour and allowed me to photograph his excellent re-use of the building's materials. The beams supporting the roof in an inverted orientation, while others are nearly vertical, supported by the original metal brackets. It is a fitting tribute to the grocery store's elegant design that some of its form and substance lives on in this exemplary structure. Fuego thumbnail
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Artist's statement by Drew Makepeace
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