Andrew Makepeace's Family Tree

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The most useful starting point is the Tree Layout. Clicking on any name will take you to that person's entry in the Family Group listing. There is also a Surname Index.

Contribute information

I'm just compiling this tree based on research others have done. I'm not doing any research myself. Over time I'm hoping the tree will grow to include as many generations as possible with lots of detail and even photographs. My plan is to grow this tree organically, bit by bit, with contributions from anyone who will send me relevant information.

Please note the following Dos and Don'ts for sending me genealogical information:

Part of the organic family-tree growing process involves sending me any corrections or additions to what has already been compiled. That means that you are welcome to send me incomplete information, and I will post in on the web anyway. Perhaps someone else will read it and be able to fill in the facts that you were missing.

Contacting me

The best way to send me information is to use the above email address. If you already have information written out on paper and you don't want to retype it then you can send it to me by mail: