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Cargazer Coniferation
On Front Street you can see something staring at you from the roundabout.  This is a modified version of the original 'sculpture', entitled Cargazer Coniferation.
Face 1:  The eyes are painted on car hoods suspended from a cable.  Each one is done in greyscale colours.  These were painted by high school students on top of the artist's original pattern which was multicoloured.
The cable is suspended between five logs embedded in the ground, each surmounted by a car bumper.  In the centre are other car bits: tail lights etc.
Face 2:  These big eyes are eye-catching, even from a distance.  This is a big improvement over the multicoloured abstract desgins that were originally painted on the car hoods.
Face 3: These images are more abstract but still have an eye theme.
Face 4:  More strange designs containing eyes.
Face 5:  The last of the five faces of this bizarre sculpture.  While the new eye-theme paintings on the car hoods are an improvement, this work as a whole is not successful as a piece of art.  The other car parts make it unnecessarily complicated, distracting from the paintings while adding nothing except clutter to the overall work.  Limiting it to logs and car hoods would have made a more effective and unified sculpture.